Tips for choosing a baby stroller

Choosing a baby stroller is much more difficult than it sounds. The choice of models for sale is really huge, but it is important not to miscalculate here – after all, for a couple of years you will be driving the baby in his personal transport for several hours baby journey blog. The comfort of the parents depends on the characteristics of the stroller for twins or the usual one. Also, you should really evaluate your own strength: a 3-in-1 stroller is practical and convenient, but it is bulky and heavy. If it doesn’t fit into the elevator normally, you cannot be sure that you can cope with dragging such a weight over bumps – it is better to immediately look for another option.

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Where do you live?

You can buy a 2-in-1 stroller of any brand, cheap, expensive and mid-range. Usually mothers of the first babies try to find the best transport for their child – beautiful, stately, prestigious. But the main thing that really should be considered is the technical characteristics.

For the fifth floor without an elevator and the ability to leave the stroller at the bottom, a bulky, heavy-weight transformer will not work. Look at the chassis, wheels – in the private sector, light manoeuvrable wheels will not last long.

Cradle is needed

Strollers for new borns are always a cradle stroller , you cannot do without this option. Sometimes parents, in an effort to save money, buy a stroller for a new born, but this option is bad. The “walk” has insufficient bottom rigidity, there are differences in height. Baby strollers 3 in 1 come with a pair of blocks: a cradle and a stroller, and a car seat is also included in the package.

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A bet on practicality

Universal models are always more practical than conventional ones. It is recommended a stroller for twins, if you have twins, often such models are taken for the weather. It is very difficult to roll a couple of strollers at the same time; you cannot put two children in one. If you buy a stroller for twins, the issue will be resolved. Also, the universal models include modifications 2 in 1 and 3 in 1. Choosing such a stroller, you get transport from birth to three years, and in the case of a 3 in 1 transformer – also a car seat.

When you need a “walk”

Walking strollers are the best solution for trips and travel. This option will allow you to stay mobile: a book or a cane can be simply folded, they are compact, take up a minimum of space in the trunk, and are suitable for travel on public transport. The wheels are usually small, which should be taken into account when driving off-road. The reeds have a pair of separate horns, the books have one solid large handle.


In a stroller for new borns, safety is limited by the correct design: the stroller must be stable. In strollers for grown-up children, safety is ensured by a whole range of means: first of all, these are seat belts (best of all five-point), as well as a front bumper bar and groin strap, which prevents even a very active child from slipping off the seat.