Making Sure of the Best Use of the Apps

According to data revealed by Yahoo! Flurry Analytics site, 86% of smartphone users spend most of their time on applications MLM system developer malaysia, mainly games or social media. For this reason, it is practically essential for the media and companies with a view to greater exposure at the digital level to implement one.

  • When launching an application, developers must take into account the context of their readers, and the same values ​​designated for each social network must be applied to these extensions, because more than a complement, they are an additional network.
  • Unlike when writing a news headline, which seeks to synthesize the facts in an attractive way for the reader, the notification of an app should be thought of in a less invasive and more efficient way, showing why it was a good choice to install it and keep it active .

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About the Applications

The applications not only compete against other applications, but they face personal messages, games and social networks laden with information that are likely to make the generated content be overlooked, therefore, it is necessary that it be related to the context, interests and needs of the user of the productivity apps.

The Name App

The term app has become very fashionable in recent years, especially with the take-off of the possibilities of mobile devices. It comes from the English word ‘application’. This is, however, a rather misleading term and one that leads to a lot of confusion, because since the birth of computing there have been applications. However, apps refer to a specific field, that of mobile applications and portable tablet-type devices. Simplifying, we continue to call applications for personal computers by their long name, while we use apps in their short form to refer to small applications that are used on devices that are also small.

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The Previous Details

Previously, if you needed to read email, run a program, take a picture , make a phone call … etc, etc … you needed a device for each thing. Today a small smartphone, or a tablet, can do at least all these things and much more. As always, to do each of them, the device must have two things: the ability to do it (that is, the hardware that allows it), and a program capable of allowing the device to use this hardware (or whatever it is). the same: a software to use it). All devices come with preloaded software called the operating system that serves as a link and translator between the user and the electronic part .of the machine, allowing it to do what the user wants. Apps are generally small programs that allow you to perform very specific functions. It is precisely in this that its importance lies: such versatile devices can perform thousands of functions, and will need thousands of apps to do them.

Last Words

The apps can come pre-installed on the device (then called integrated apps ), however it is more common to download them from the internet. There are large stores on the Internet (called ‘stores’) from where you can see a general list or by categories of existing apps and then download them, either on payment or for free, depending on the type of application. The largest stores are Apple’s Android Market and App Store, each with applications for its platform.